We would like to take a moment to personally thank you for guidance and mentorship. You went well above the scope of professional responsibility. You assistance was invaluable in helping us get back on track financially.

We walked into your office a few months back feeling a sense of hopelessness and just not knowing where to turn. You met with us on several occasions, poured over documents, and took the time to learn about our specific needs and situation. Your counseling helped us understand the legal and financial terminology. It was priceless in putting things into perspective. You placed us in contact with faith based people and organizations that matched our Christian walk. You even went so far as to act as our representative on several occasions. Both of us have been in the military for many years now and it's nice to know there are true patriots out there willing to go the extra mile for those in the Armed Forces. Everything you did went above and beyond and gave us a sense of security during a difficult process.

Without your knowledge base we might have been trapped in the situation indefinitely. We would have never been able to combat the situation the way in which you did. But thanks to you we are on our way back to financial wellness.

Our Gratitude towards you simply is unable to be fully expressed on paper but our hope is that others may read this and also turn to you for your caring expertise.


V and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the "blood, sweat and tears" so to speak that you have worked so hard for us and seeing this VA loan through. You truly are an amazing woman! I am so thankful God brought our paths together and look forward to a continued life long friendship. You are a women of integrity and tenacity. I love both of those character traits. I hope you enjoy the little book. I thought of you when I saw it. May it bless your spirit and encourage on those days of great testing and challenges. We will get together soon.


I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my family. You're caring and generous personality is a real rarity and I feel blessed to know you. Thanks for all the hard work you do and merry x-mas to you and your family.


Karen, you were so helpful! You really saved the day. Thank you for all your hard work. We will gladly recommend you to our friends


Thank you very much for your help and advice. You made it possible for me to get my beautiful home. I am so happy - I love my house and still think I am dreaming. Thank you also for the book. God Bless You!